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Common Errors in Exercise Form

As Colorado residents we're always very proud of the fact that we're one of the most active areas in the country. We have abundant opportunities at our doorstep to get outside and run, bike or climb in pretty much any direction we choose. The other advantage that we're now seeing come into full bloom is the boom of fitness and training options available to us in the front range. From high-intensity interval training classes, spin classes and climbing gyms to yoga, pilates and barre fitness studios there is an option on seemingly every block to keep us moving without ever having to battle I-70 traffic to the mountains. 

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Top Supplements in our New Online Store!

We are excited to announce that through our Denver Chiropractic office we have recently partnered with Emerson Ecologics to provide you a personalized portal to order high quality nutritional and health supplements. Through the link on our online store page you can now create an account and access their full inventory of products. By linking through our site, we are also able to pass on a 10% savings off of the suggested retail prices to all of our patients.

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Rake Without the Ache

Though the weather in Colorado is never predictable, the falling leaves are one integral part of the fall season that even we can’t escape. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that you have a yard, you inevitably will have to rake leaves at some point this season (after this snow melts!). As much as we love to see you in our office, we’d prefer you to be safe and smart with your activities, so follow these easy tips to make sure to protect your back.

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