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Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

Our main goal at Body In Motion is to have your leave our office feeling and moving better than when you arrived; however, as much as we rely on the power of the chiropractic adjustment, we are well aware that to provide complete and efficient care for every patient, we need more than that in our arsenal. One of the tools that we use quite a bit is called Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, or AMIT.  This method helps us identify muscular instabilities in your body that could potentially lead to injury.

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Rake Without the Ache

Though the weather in Colorado is never predictable, the falling leaves are one integral part of the fall season that even we can’t escape. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere that you have a yard, you inevitably will have to rake leaves at some point this season (after this snow melts!). As much as we love to see you in our office, we’d prefer you to be safe and smart with your activities, so follow these easy tips to make sure to protect your back.

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