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Tips to Loosen Your Hips

One of the sports that we get a lot of questions about this time of year is golfing. While we will never claim to be pros when it comes to swing and shot selection, we do know a thing or two about the joints involved and how to keep them moving in an efficient manner.

Dr. Dukes put together a quick video tutorial for one of the warm-up activities that we recommend to a lot of the golfers that we see at our office.

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Common Errors in Exercise Form

As Colorado residents we're always very proud of the fact that we're one of the most active areas in the country. We have abundant opportunities at our doorstep to get outside and run, bike or climb in pretty much any direction we choose. The other advantage that we're now seeing come into full bloom is the boom of fitness and training options available to us in the front range. From high-intensity interval training classes, spin classes and climbing gyms to yoga, pilates and barre fitness studios there is an option on seemingly every block to keep us moving without ever having to battle I-70 traffic to the mountains. 

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