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Anyone who has ever had a skin-fold caliper test done probably never wants to have it done again; and if you've tried your luck on one of the many options of bio-impedance body composition scales, you know how variable the results can be. Thanks to the latest technology from MuscleSound you no longer have to be uncomfortably pinched or left confused by unreliable results. Body in Motion now offers body composition scans through the MuscleSound system that takes only a few minutes and gives you accurate results in an easy to read report.

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Beyond the Stick Figures

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own highlight reel? Maybe not, but when it comes to learning new exercises or stretches, we wanted to find a way for our patients to have something more reliable than our lackluster stick-figure drawing skills. Spark Motion provides us with the video technology to help our patients continue their rehabilitation at home.

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