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A better way to indulge...

You might have heard that collagen is an important building block for our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints; but did you know that our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own to aid this building block? It is also impossible to count on our diets to fill this void because most of the processed food we eat today has been stripped of this vital component. Fortunately, we have a product that believes in sustainable practices that produce the highest quality nutrition products all based around collagen.

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Pass the Protein

For anyone who has ever tried protein powder, you may or may not be aware that most versions tend to have multiple additives that are completely unnecessary for your recovery and/or overall health. Ingredients such as artificial flavoring, soy protein isolate, carrageenan, rGBH, heavy metals, and sweeteners are some major additives to avoid in general, and unfortunately many protein shakes or powders include these substances within their long lists of ingredients. The perfect answer? Eat a meal that is high in protein and contains high glycemic carbohydrates fifteen to thirty minutes after every workout. Realistically though, that isn't always the easiest or most convenient option. Luckily, we have done the hard work for you and have found a better product.

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