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A better way to indulge...

You might have heard that collagen is an important building block for our bodies including skin, hair, nails, bones, and joints; but did you know that our bodies cannot synthesize enough collagen on their own to aid this building block? It is also impossible to count on our diets to fill this void because most of the processed food we eat today has been stripped of this vital component. Fortunately, we have a product that believes in sustainable practices that produce the highest quality nutrition products all based around collagen.

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Resolutions: Realistic and Achievable

With each new year, people everywhere make resolutions: loose some weight, meditate more, become a better cook, read more books. What do each of these resolutions have in common? Each one is unquantifiable. None of them include the most important part - steps or measures we can take to achieve them. By creating resolutions that are both quantifiable and schedule-bound, we are able to set ourselves up for success instead of failure. 

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Healthy Fall Favorites

One of the best parts of the fall season are the flavors that come along with it. Pumpkin spice, apple pie, pecan topping, butternut squash soup; so many comfort foods come to mind with this cooler weather. Just because the days are getting shorter and cooler, though, doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your diet and protein intake! Many fall foods can incorporate some of the Vital Proteins products that Body In Motion now carries.

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