Enhance YOUR Running

Ever felt like running just wasn't your thing? Been a runner for years and wonder how others seem to float along while you are pounding the pavement? Do you constantly deal with overuse injuries when you try to run?

We can help!

Dr. Dukes offers Enhance Running group clinics and on-on-one technique sessions for those looking to dig into the inefficiencies of their gait and to improve their overall running form.

These clinics are not just for competitive runners. Non-runners, reluctant runners, and injured runners can all benefit from our workshop. Within our 90-minute clinics, Dr. Dukes will take video footage of you running for your feedback and walk you through seven different aspects of running form to help you run more efficiently and avoid injury. Based on the laws of physics and biomechanical principles, these form points will build on each other for the course of the clinic (or sessions) in order to give you the tools to run easier with less stress on your body. Also, classes are limited to 10 people to make sure that you get individualized attention to your technique. 


When you have poor running technique, it affects your entire body. Improper biomechanics can put extra stress on knees, backs and hips as well as your feet and ankles. Every step with poor technique takes you closer to your next injury. In addition to poor or improper technique, most runners 'leak' energy when they run. A combination of work postures, unhelpful footwear, misconceptions about running and previous injuries have many of us using a lot more energy in each step while we run than we should. Through our Enhance Running clinic, Dr. Dukes will break down the inefficiencies of your running technique and teach you proper mechanics so that you can run more easily, efficiently and safely. 

Whether you are tired of overuse injuries and want to prevent them in the future, want to improve your overall running technique, or want to enjoy running more, our Enhance Running clinic and on-on-one sessions can help you. If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, please click HERE to secure a spot at our next clinic, or give us a call to set up one-on-one sessions with Dr. Dukes.