Only The Essentials: BARE Oils for Health

Here at Body In Motion we are all about health and wellness. Sometimes though, health and wellness can go beyond how your body is moving. Essential oils can be utilized in numerous ways in order to support your overall well being, and at Body In Motion we couldn't agree more. We are excited to announce and promote "Pain Be Gone" an essential oil blend created exclusively for Body In Motion by Cindy Saylor, an essential oil specialist. Before we explain the blend created for us, though, let's explain a little bit about BARE essential oils, where they come from, and why this blend may be just right for you. 

Bare Oils are USDA certified organic from soil to oil. This means that everything from the soil in which their plants are grown to the plants themselves, up through the processing and bottling of all of their oils follow strict regulations to surpass a 27-point quality checklist and to obtain and maintain the "USDA Certified Organic" label. The oils are liquid aromatic compounds that hold the plant's beneficial properties in the purest form. They are becoming increasingly popular for natural healing, personal care, and diffusing for a wide variety of purposes. Bare Oils partners with artisans around the world to create the most powerful, therapeutic grade essential oils that are on the market. 

"Pain Be Gone" is a special blend of essential oils that aids in reducing muscle and joint pain as well as inflammation, while also utilizing other oils for a cooling and relaxing effect. The oils included in the "Pain Be Gone" blend are:

  • Cinnamon Bark - Muscle and Joint Pain Relief
  • Frankincense - Inflammation Reduction
  • Geranium - Muscle Tone
  • Orange - Circulation
  • Tea Tree - Rejuvenating and Cooling
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil

We are now carrying this exclusive blend in a roller-ball applicator for ease of use at home or on the run. If you are interested in the blend, or to inquire about other essential oils products, please let us know at your next visit or give us a call at (720) 376-9037. 

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