Anyone who has ever had a skin-fold caliper test done probably never wants to have it done again; and if you've tried your luck on one of the many options of bio-impedance body composition scales, you know how variable the results can be. Thanks to the latest technology from MuscleSound you no longer have to be uncomfortably pinched or left confused by unreliable results. Body in Motion now offers body composition scans through the MuscleSound system that takes only a few minutes and gives you accurate results in an easy to read report.

For the whole body composition scan you can be comfortable in gym shorts and a sports bra (for women) and we will take images of seven muscle sites using diagnostic ultrasound. With these images we are able to see the different tissue layers and then calculate the thickness of both the fat tissue and lean muscle at each site. Unlike a caliper test that should be done at the same time of day and on the same diet, Muscle Sound Body Composition tests can be done at any time, before or after meals. There is no cheating on these scans, making it easy to see how and where you can increase your lean muscle mass.

In contrast to the uncomfortable skin-fold tests, MuscleSound is not affected by sweat, lotions or hydration levels. The Ultrasound wand is merely placed firmly and comfortably on the surface of the site to be measured and we take a direct, linear measure of the fat and muscle layers. 

This technique of running a body composition scans is non-invasive and gives you full access to your results at any time in comprehensive, easy to read charts. The system also allows you to track your progress over time at your convenience and make the most out of your fitness and nutrition plans.

If you are interested in getting a body composition scan done, give us a call and set up your appointment today!