You, yes you, can LOVE to run

Whether you have been an avid runner for years, or are just starting out, there is always room to improve your running.  

At Body In Motion we offer Enhance Running group clinics, as well as, one-on-one technique sessions for those looking to identify any inefficiencies in their gait or improve their overall running form.

During these 90-minute clinics, we’ll take video footage of your running for feedback, and walk you through a 7-step process to help you run more efficiently and avoid injuries. Based on the laws of physics and biomechanical principles, these form points will build on each other for the course of the clinic (or sessions) in order to give you the tools to run easier with less stress on your body. Did we mention the group clinics are limited to 10 people to make sure that you get individualized attention to your technique?

What many fail to realize is they are ‘leaking’ energy when they run due to poor technique. Through a combination of work postures, unhelpful footwear, misconceptions about running, and previous injuries, many are using a lot more energy for each step than they should. Running with poor technique also results in an unnecessary amount of stress to the knees, back, and hips and has a major effect on feet and ankles. We can help you identify and fix those energy leaks, making running easier and more fun with less risk of injury.

Don’t let something as simple as your form inhibit you from being the best runner possible.

If you are interested in improving your running technique, completely changing it, or simply looking for a way to make running more enjoyable, join us at our next Enhance Running Clinic. Secure your spot today by clicking HERE, or give us a call to set up a one-on-one session with Dr. Dukes.