"Feed Me!" - your muscles

We all know, to some degree, the importance of eating a balanced, healthy diet. What we don't always realize is how the food we ingest is put to work internally. Without making you yawn with scientific details about how food is digested, let's just skip to the basics. Glycogen is a form of glucose that serves as energy storage and is the body's predominant source of energy during moderate to high-intensity exertion. 

The main thing you need to know?

High muscle glycogen allows athletes, in any capacity, to perform at a higher intensity level while low glycogen stores can cause a decrease in exertion capacity as well as an increased risk for overtraining and muscle damage. 

Essentially, the higher your glycogen stores, the better your and your muscles will perform. So, how can you tell what your glycogen levels are and how your muscles are absorbing it? 

MuscleSound Muscle Health testing! This non-invasive, real-time technology that is available at Body In Motion allows us to access immediate data reflective of current muscle glycogen content. All of that data helps us identify the health status of the muscle tissue and if it is operating at it's optimal state.

In addition to reading glycogen levels, MuscleSound Muscle Health testing can deliver immediate data with post-performance scans that can identify the warning signs of muscle fatigue, muscle damage and overtraining. This insight can allow you to gain necessary muscle recovery in order to optimize consistent future performance and prevent long-term muscle injury. 

Here's a basic breakdown of the key differences between a fueled and a depleted muscle:

Fueled Muscle                                    Depleted Muscle

  • Reaches higher intensity level          - Produces less output
  • Sustains intensity longer                  - Fatigues quicker
  • Prevents tissue breakdown               - Stores less overall fuel
  • Recovers faster                                  - Prone to injury and overtraining 

If you think that MuscleSound Muscle Health testing is something that you could benefit from, or would like more information, call our office today!