Beyond the Stick Figures

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own highlight reel? Maybe not, but when it comes to learning new exercises or stretches, we wanted to find a way for our patients to have something more reliable than our lackluster stick-figure drawing skills. Spark Motion provides us with the video technology to help our patients continue their rehabilitation at home. Instead of relying on memory or a piece of paper, Spark Motion allows users to view the exercises and stretches Dr. Dukes recommends in the exact style they are performed while in our office.

Along with viewing a video of yourself performing your personalized stretches, Dr. Dukes is able to provide voice-over commentary in order to help ensure that you are performing them effectively and safely at home. The application includes helpful tools such as arrows and lines that can be added in to specify the area and/or movement you should concentrate on and a slow-motion feature to help you see all the details.

All it takes is creating a username and password on your part, and you instantly have access to all of the stretching or exercise videos that have been created for you. In addition to your videos, there are also loads of simple but effective stretches that Dr. Dukes has put on our website "video" page using Spark Motion that you can reference at any time. We hope that by utilizing this particular technology, we are able to maximize our patients' recovery and overall health. Let us know what you think of your own user experience with Spark Motion and feel free to check out our library of reference videos here.